Sports Day 2016

Once again Saint Bede’s’ Sports Day was a great success! Despite the uncertain start weather-wise, no one’s spirits were dampened and there were fantastic performances in all field events, as well as in the football and handball matches. The sun made its grand appearance in time for an afternoon of competitive relay races which all pupils were able to enjoy as either spectators or competitors. A number of records were broken across the day in a variety of contests, amongst those being Stevie Ball who reached 7.3m in the standing jump, Lucia Mancini who hit 52m in the Sergeant Jump, and Aidan Preston who threw his Vortex an impressive 51.82m. Year 8, 9 and 10 Beesley forms did an outstanding job across the day too, which resulted in them being ranked first place. Thank you to all the staff who helped to organise and run the day and to all the pupils who helped out.