Black History Month

Black History Month

Last year, the History department used October as a time to reflect on Black British History. This year Black History Month will be used as an opportunity once again to broaden pupils’ awareness and knowledge of differing cultures and celebrate diversity. 

All year groups have been set a challenge on Firefly asking them to research a variety of prominent black figures from varying fields. These include figures from the world of science, art, music, politics, sport and many more. They have been provided with a person to research for each day of October and have been asked to create a museum exhibit that celebrates the lives of one or many of the key figures listed. There will be prizes for the winners in each year group, pupils who have participated the most and an overall winner.

Students have also been given a recommended reading list which includes some fiction, non-fiction, poems, and popular culture to encourage them further. You can expect to learn about BHM at school and hear about some key figures during their history lessons.

Students can find information about the challenge on Firefly. Speak to a member of the History department if you have any questions.

Don't worry if you think you are too late to participate, the task has been set throughout the entire month of October and the instructions to take part can be found here