Reverse Advent Calendar


Over the next 4 weeks (between 9th November and 8th December), to prepare our young people for Advent and the true meaning of Christmas, we would like them to make a small sacrifice and bring something in from home to contribute towards filling Christmas hampers which will be sent on to homeless young people or disadvantaged families in our local communities.

Each of the forms will be given a Reverse Advent Calendar and a hamper which begins its life as an empty box which is filled day-by-day with the donated items. So, rather than taking something out of their Advent Calendar at home, pupils are encouraged to give by filling one in form instead. Each pupil will be asked to sign up to bring at least one thing into school; no later than December 8th; as their contribution. Then on December 11th: after having been quarantined for 72 hours: all of the Christmas hampers will be collected from school by representatives from Harbour House, Fylde Foodbank, Streetlife, Vincent House, St. Cuthbert’s Family Centre and by representatives from the local network of SVP conferences before being distributed to children and families locally. Catholic School Life credits will be awarded to all pupils who remember to bring their item into school. We will happily accept most long-life convenience-style store cupboard items and personal toiletries you send in to school but here is a general list of suggestions below which, though not exhaustive, could answer any questions you may have as to which goods are required:

Tinned goods: meat, fish, meals, vegetables, tomatoes, fruit, rice pudding, Dried goods: instant noodles, pasta, savoury rice, Cup-A-Soups, tea bags, coffee, biscuits, cereal bars, Long-life goods: pasta sauce, coffee, long-life or powdered milk, fruit juice, breakfast cereal, instant mash, baby milk/baby food Toiletries: hair spray/mousse/gel, toothpaste. toothbrushes, soap, deodorant/body spray, female sanitary products, combs, face coverings, brushes, wet wipes, hand sanitiser, packs of tissues, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, razors, sponges/flannels. Clothing: new/unused underwear (male/female small/medium) Christmas goodies/treats.

We think it is really important for our young people to connect with the spirit of giving at Christmas and are grateful for any contributions you are able to make.