Saint Bede's Vs The World

World-Class Vocabulary

As part of the Vocab Express Challenge Cup (Grande), all French students took part in completing online vocabulary activities through Vocab Express. Vocab Express is a language learning website which encourages pupils to learn the French Vocabulary. 

During the challenge week, pupils had to complete as many blocks of Vocabulary (both English to French and French to English) as they possibly could in order to gain points. There were 2 championships, an overall championship which counted all the scores from all the languages in a school, and a French Challenge Cup Grande for schools with over 500 pupils. 

We were up against 99 other schools from around the world, some of which were much larger than Saint Bede's. In the overall Championship we came 5th in the World, which we think is an incredible success.

We are proud to announce in the French Challenge Cup we came first overall in the world! We were up against schools which are a lot bigger than us and scored just over 608 000 points! 

It was very close as 3pm approached and at 2pm, we were trailing Dubai College by 5000 points. When we crossed the preverbial finish line, Saint Bede's came out on top.  

Saint Bede's also had some high scoring individual pupils who will be given prizes for their efforts. 

Year Group Top Performers


Daniel Burgon

Ryan Southern

Jayden Richardson



Elizabeth Hall (32nd in the world)

Jack Wain

Eva Edwards



Miranda Green

Kian Anderson

Ethan Burgon



Gemma Downes (17th in the world)

Phoebe Stephenson (38th in the world)

Caitlin Murphy



Tia Nodwell

Margaret Ferguson

Letty Ormerod