It is our aim to provide our students with an engaging, exploratory, participatory and purposeful curriculum. The curriculum model has been developed to encourage and support students in their exploration of Drama and Theatre by addressing the following key elements:


How we experiment with, select and use dramatic and exploratory skills to communicate meaning to an audience.


How we can apply the work that we create to a performance space, exploring how best to present coherent, exciting drama to an audience.


Recognising the skills and elements that combine to create successful theatre and successful acting.

Planning in drama is driven by the belief that all of our young people should know what, how and why they are learning in Drama at any one given moment. We feel that by using these three elements as a foundation for lessons and assessment, our students will be given the best opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills to progress well at both key stages.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

In Years 7 and 8, students are taught Drama as part of their English Curriculum. English teachers will use drama techniques to explore texts and poems and will read plays with their classes as part of their programme of study.

Drama is taught as a discrete subject at Year 9. The students have one 60 minute lesson per week for approximately half the year. Students are taught by a Drama specialist and are given challenging and academic lessons to prepare them for GCSE level of study.

We regularly stage a school musical production, as well as participating in the National Shakespeare Festival.  We collaborate with other departments to stage many successful fundraising shows from 'Stars In Their Eyes' to fashion shows.