Modern Foreign Languages

The MFL Department aims to give all pupils an energetic experience of language learning. We adopt the communicative approach to language learning and aim to give all pupils the confidence and skills they need to be able to communicate effectively in the target language. The language lessons are active, and all pupils are encouraged to participate in a range of activities such as pair and group work, games, and team competitions.

All pupils have full access to the National Curriculum in Languages and classroom routines are practiced regularly in order to teach and embed grammar concepts that will be needed for the demands of the GCSE. There will be regular spelling and grammar quizzes to help pupils learn and practice key spellings and structures.

At KS3, all pupils will study French and we will build on the language learning that many pupils have previously experienced through primary language initiatives.

Year 7 French
  • Classroom routines and language
  • Having conversations in French
  • Numbers
  • Alphabet
  • Describing yourself
  • Talking about your family
  • Giving opinions
  • Describing your pets
  • Hobbies and free time
  • Food
  • Going to the café
  • Weather

Year 8 French
  • Town and Local Area
  • Describing what there is to do in your town
  • Talking about the ideal place to live
  • Telling the time
  • Daily Routine
  • School subjects and opinions
  • Describing your ideal school
  • ‘A day out’
  • Using the past tense to talk about an event
  • Popular Culture
  • Film categories
  • Expressing opinions about TV in French
  • French Music

Year 9 French
  • Holidays
  • Using Past, Present and Future tenses to talk about going on holiday
  • Technology
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using technology
  • Healthy living and lifestyle
  • Sports
  • Free time activities
  • Food and health
  • Talking about how to improve our health
  • Illness and going to the doctors