Religious Education

The syllabus for pupils in Years 7- 9 has been developed following the guidelines of the RE Curriculum Directory.

The Key Stage 3 Scheme of Work is currently under review in line with guidance from the Diocese of Lancaster.

Year Term Unit Title
7 Autumn 1 Belonging to a new community
Autumn 2 The coming of Jesus
Spring 1 Creation and story telling
Spring 2 Conflict; celebrating Easter
Summer 1 Called to change and witness
Summer 2 Christian belief and the Eucharist
8 Autumn 1 Judaism 
Autumn 2 Festivals of light
Spring 1 Pilgrimage and commandments
Spring 2 Salvation and reconciliation
Summer 1 Covenant and service
Summer 2 Stewardship and creation

Students in Year 9 also study 1 hour per week of GCSE focused RE and cover aspects of the Unit 3 and Unit 10 GCSE Syllabus.

Timetable Allocation

The timetable allocation for RE in 2017/18 is:
Years 7 and 8 2 x 1 hour for Week A and week B
Staff for 2017/18
Subject Leader Mr J Harding
Teaching Staff Mrs C McAuley
Miss H Newsham
  Miss A Southworth
  Mrs J Lowe
  Mrs C Walker
  Mrs S Boylan

Rooms and Resources

The department has a suite of three teaching rooms and is well-stocked and resourced.

Lay Chaplain

Mrs P. Burdess is the Lay Chaplain. The department supports the chaplain in developing the spiritual life of the school both through the curriculum and in extra-curricular activities such as day visits and a residential retreat to Castlerigg.