Resistant Materials

Key Stage 3 pupils will be introduced to the exciting world of DT through investegation, innovation and modern manufacturing techniques.


Pupils will be taught different design and presentation techniques, including graphics and 2D CAD. They will use these techniques throughout D&T to professionally present their ideas. Pupils will manufacture an ‘ear phone wrap’ where they will be taught how to use the laser cutter independently.


In Year 8, pupils will concentrate on improving their understanding of modern manufacturing techniques. As part of their course, they will:

  • manufacture a mobile phone stand
  • a name plaque for their bedroom door and they will personalise a pencil using the laser cutter. 

Pupils in Year 9 will design and manufacture a concept model for a child’s hand held GPS device. They will:

  • investigate existing products
  • produce an ergonomic design
  • model their idea and finish it with acrylic spray paints 

Pupils will then be encouraged to critically evaluate their work and suggest further improvements