At Saint Bede’s, the Science department delivers an exciting curriculum that encourages pupils to learn Science through challenging practical activities and engaging demonstration. At Key Stage 3, pupils follow the Nelson Thornes ‘Fusion’ Programme of Study that has been adapted to incorporate the 2014 changes to the National Curriculum.

Key Stage 3

The topics covered in Year 7 are:

  • B1- Cells, Tissues and Organs.
  • B2- Reproduction.
  • C1- Reversible and Irreversible Changes.
  • C2- Particles in Action.
  • P1- Electricity and Magnetism.
  • P2- Forces and Energy.

Year 8
  • The topics covered in Year 8 are:
  • B1 - Body Systems.
  • B2 - Ecology.
  • C1 - Elements and Compounds.
  • C2 - Our Planet.
  • P1 - Light and Space.
  • P2 - Heat and Sound.

Year 9
  • The topics covered in Year 9 are:
  • B1 - Health.
  • B2 - Variation and Genetics.
  • C1 - Marvellous Metals.
  • C2 - Chemical Reactions.
  • P1 - Energy and Electricity
  • P2 - Forces and Motion

In Science, all pupils are expected to access the 'Doddle' online resource, that will be used by Science staff when setting some homeworks. Please follow this link to Doddle

Science Club (TBA)

In addition to lessons, the Science department runs the Science Club using the British Science Association Crest award for pupils in Key Stage 3. Challenges such as ‘How to safely drop an egg’ and ‘The tower of straws’ encourage pupils to work as a team to find solutions to challenges using their scientific knowledge.