Numeracy within the Mathematics Department at Saint Bede’s is handled in a variety of different ways that will be as unique as your child is in his or her learning pathway.

Throughout his/her time in mathematics at Saint Bede’s, your child will learn how to use the four operations of number in depth. This will usually happen within starters for lessons and also within the context of current topics being taught to your child. As with everything in mathematics, numeracy extends through the entire subject.

There are things that you can do to help your child with their numerical skills. Firstly and most importantly, your child needs to know how to:

Add, subtract, multiply, divide and to use directed number and fractions, decimals and percentages.

Pupils should also be able to use mental and written calculations correctly. If they struggle, then some of the material on the website in the form of MS Powerpoints and other documents may be of some help to your child’s mathematical development in these areas. A short amount of time spent practising these skills (10 -20 minutes every day) will go a long way to helping your child develop numeracy skills.

We also use a variety of different mathematical websites in the course of a lesson or as homework. There is a lot of numerical information to be found on the internet and some of the websites we use are outlined below and can be accessed by you to help your child further.

We also have a dedicated numeracy programme to support pupils who haven’t made the expected progress from KS2 so we can give them a dedicated programme to increase their skills in certain areas.

The school also run a ‘Number’s Up!’ club on different lunchtimes to help pupils with many numerical aspects of maths through many different number games as well as providing dedicated specific help with numeracy homework.

Every week on the pupil bulletin, there is a Numeracy Challenge for pupils to try as well!