Pupil Progress

A series of reports published throughout the year gives parents an overview of the progress that pupils are making in each subject. The reports includes:

Minimum Year 9 Target

The Minimum Year 9 Target is based on the prior attainment of pupils and suggests the minimum grade that a pupil should achieve by the end of Year 9.

Assessment Level

The Assessment Level is the level that pupils achieved in the recent examination or teacher assessment.

Progress towards targets
  • SC - Serious Concern. The pupil is working some way below his/her minimum level.
  • C - Concern. The pupil is working below the expected level.
  • OT - On Target. The pupil is working at an average level for his/her ability.
  • ET - Exceeding Target. This represents excellent progress. The vast majority of pupils at Saint Bede’s are capable of working at this level.
Effort Grade

For each subject, pupils are given an effort grade of Excellent, Good, Concern or Poor.

Other Information

The reports also give parents an overview of the credits that have been awarded as well as providing a record of behaviour, attendance and current support strategies. During the Review Day meeting, progress since the previous report and targets for improvement will be considered.

Progress Reviews

We have increased the number of occasions when parents and pupils receive reports during the school year. To ensure that our new revised reporting arrangements meet the needs of pupils, parents and staff, we have trialled new systems during the first two Progress Review Points (October and November) and commence the reporting schedule with Progress Review 3 (as indicated below).

Progress Review
Progress Review    Date     Type of Report
       1 October English and Mathematics Progress Check
       2 November All Subjects Progress Check
       3 February Review Day Progress Check
       4 March English and Mathematics Progress Check
       5 April English and Mathematics Progress Check
       6 May All Subjects Progress Check
       7 June English and Mathematics Progress Check
       8 July Review Day Full Report
Review Day Meetings

A Review Day meeting is held twice a year. The meeting are arranged to discuss all aspects of a pupil’s progress and to set targets for the future. Subject teachers, or other relevant staff, will follow up any specific issues or concerns raised by parents.

Celebrating Achievement and Improvement

Pupils who are achieving highly or are improving rapidly will be acknowledged through letters home and school-based rewards.