Spiritual Life

The Chaplaincy contributes to the development of the school as a Christian community through the spiritual guidance of students and staff.

Pupil volunteers to the Chaplaincy Forum are closely involved in the preparation of prayer resources for form prayers. They also have a significant input into the voluntary Masses which take place once during each half-term.Through the Chaplaincy, we provide help, support, encouragement and care so that Saint Bede’s is a happy spiritual place in which to learn and grow in faith. Our primary focus is to ensure that every person grows in certainty of the unconditional love that God has for each one of us and to provide regular opportunities for everyone to respond to His love through prayer and liturgy.

Bede's World

In Year 7, pupils make a pilgrimage to Jarrow, the birthplace of Saint Bede, to spend a day learning what life was like in England during his lifetime and experiencing some aspects for themselves.  Pupils gain an understanding of the role of Saint Bede within the Catholic Church and his importance to our community of faith.

Castlerigg Residential Visit

In Year 10, a number of our pupils make a residential retreat for one week at the Diocesan Youth Residential Retreat Centre at Castlerigg Manor in Keswick.  Pupils work alongside specialist youth workers to reflect on their lives and who they are now. They focus on how they would like to move forward with their lives, looking at personal relationships, respect for self and others and how to maintain those relationships as they move towards adulthood. This activity is extremely popular and has proved extremely significant in the faith journeys and personal development of pupils. Further information about Castlerigg can be found by visiting the website. CASTLERIGG MANOR


The school work with pupils to encourage them to work towards Confirmation, to take the step in their faith journey and to develop a personal relationship with Christ. Pupils make an independent choice to become a fully active member of the church and receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Many of our pupils are confirmed in their parishes through the help and support of the school chaplain.

Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes

In recent years, a number of our Year 10 and 11 pupils have joined the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes through their parishes.

Calendar Dates
In light of guidelines from the DfE, Public Health England and Lancashire County Council, many of the services and events listed below that were planned for the 2020/21 academic year will not now be taking place. This definitely applies to all those scheduled for the Autumn Term with those planned for 2021 under constant review. Please see the weekly Pupil Bulletin (available on this website) for regular updates.
Calendar Dates
17th September 2020 Year 7 Mass of Welcome (6.30 pm School Hall)
7th October 2020 Voluntary Mass (Our Lady of the Rosary)
10th November 2020 Year 9 Mass of Remembrance (School Hall)
2nd December 2020 Voluntary Mass – Advent (School Chapel)
2nd December2020 Sacrament of Reconciliation (am)
11th December 2020 Year 8 Parcel Liturgies
18th December 2020 Christmas Liturgies (School Hall)
27th January 2021 Voluntary Mass (Holocaust Remembrance)
24th February 2021 Voluntary Mass (Lent)
1st - 5th March 2021 Castlerigg Residential (Prov.)
26th March 2021 Voices of the Cross Liturgies
25th May 2021 Mass: Patronal Feast (School Chapel)
27th May 2021 Voluntary Mass (Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ Eternal High Priest)
11th & 18th June 2021  Year 6 Induction Mass (pm School Hall)
23rd June 2021 Voluntary Mass (Thanksgiving)
16th July 2021 End of School Year Liturgies