Sustainability and Stewardship

We have developed the whole school site as an exemplar and case study in sustainability which has had a significant impact on the school community and beyond Saint Bede's. Throughout the school, there are various areas that illustrate the school's investment and commitment to sustainability and stewardship.


Eden Project recycling bins are used to collect and recycle cans and plastic bottles. There are daily / weekly collections of paper and cardboard.

ICT Equipment

All our PCs have automatic switch-down systems at the end of the day and the majority are energy-efficient Ecoquiet workstations which save around 7.9kWh of energy each year.

Energy Saving Measures

Cavity wall and loft insulations have been installed in the main building saving an estimated 40,000kWh of energy and reducing carbon emissions by over 10 tonnes.


As part of the Ground Source Heat Pump system, there are ten100m boreholes sunk into the ground in order to provide heat for the Drake Building.

Landscaping the Site

Marshalls donated the landscaping materials to re-model our school site in a sustainable way. The CO2 footprint andinspirational ‘green’ quotations are inscribed in the paving.

Drake Building (ROSLA)

A timber-framed Drake Building, which was originally heated with electric space heating, has been completely refurbished sustainably. The building is now highly insulated, much more use is made of natural light,and an energy-saving lighting system has been installed.

Ground Source Heat Pump

The Drake Building is heated by a Ground Source Heat Pump which provides 45kWh of heat energy and reduces carbon emissions by over 17 tonnes per year.

Gardening Club

A school garden has been established which allows pupils to consider the merits of growing their own fruit and vegetables. Pupil volunteers to the Gardening Club will soon resume creation of a Victory Garden in the area to the rear of the TEC classrooms initially planting birch, dwarf cherry and hawthorn trees and following this with flowering plants to improve the aesthetic and carbon footprint of the school.

Green Transport

A large number of bike racks have been installed and a range of incentives to encourage more pupils and staff to cycle to school

Solar PV Panels

We have installed ninety nine solar PV panels on the roof of the main school building to help meet the electricity demands of the school and to reduce carbon emissions by just under 8 tonnes per year.