Pupils in all year groups are given paper copies of their examination timetables together with guidance on revision techniques and clear instructions on rules that must be followed in examinations. Copies of these timetables are available below.

Examination Timetables


Year 11 pupils will be given an individual personal timetable for GCSE examinations.

Mobile ‘phones and examinations

All of our school examinations from Year 7 onwards follow the GCSE regulations for conduct which ensures that all of our pupils have the best possible preparation for their final exams in Year 11 and are well-versed in the routines and expectations of behaviour.

The rules governing the use of mobile ’phones and electronic devices are very strict and a failure to observe them may result in a candidate being disqualified from a unit, subject or series of examinations. They specify that mobile ’phones, iPods, MP3/4 players, smartwatches and other potential technological/web enabled sources of information are not permitted in examinations and should not be in the possession of pupils during exams.

The attached video from JCQ (the Joint Council for Qualifications, the body who oversees GCSE examinations) is very helpful in explaining why these rules have to be followed:

JCQ Video - No mobiles in exams

We make the rules very clear to pupils in assemblies before the exams commence, before pupils enter each exam venue and again prior to the start of each one. Signs are also clearly displayed in our exam venues as a further reminder. Pupils are always asked to take their ‘phones (and other electronic devices) out of their pockets, switch them off and place them in their bags before they enter the sports hall and other rooms used for exams. If pupils have ‘phones that cannot be switched off, it is inadvisable to have them in school during the exam period. If pupils fail to comply with these rules, sanctions will be imposed and parents contacted.

We appreciate the support of parents in ensuring that pupils comply with these regulations.