Bring Your Own Device

At Saint Bede’s we have planned and invested to ensure that our ICT provision is able to meet our needs and expectations for the foreseeable future. All pupils have an Office 365 account and pupils in all year groups are benefiting from the BYOD scheme.

The scheme has been extremely popular with pupils so far and much greater and more creative use of technology is enriching learning and developing skills. The school is committed to developing 21st century learners: confident, collaborative, independent and digitally literate young people who are equipped for future study and work in the modern world.

The school would like to offer parents the opportunity to purchase a device for their child through the Stone Computers scheme. We currently open the scheme up to parents in the summer and autumn terms. When the summer and autumn portals are open all the relevant information is displayed on this page of our website. If you have any questions about purchasing a device through the scheme, please contact the support team on 0203 857 5630 or email .

Summer Portal:  3rd July - 10th August 2020

BYOD Brochure 2020

Letter from the Headteacher

Additional Information for Parents

Help with support, Warranty and insurance

If you have already purchased a device and have a support/warranty or insurance query, please contact:

Warranty/Support: For all devices other than Lenovo, please contact the Stone Computers Support Team on 01785 786700.           For Lenovo devices, please contact 03337 773991.

Insurance: Freedom Tech (Compucover) Support Team on 0203 857 5630

If you would like to contact Freedom Tech online, please use the Freedom Tech Support Portal 

Both support teams will require the serial number of your device, so please ensure you have it ready when you call.