Educational Visits

We provide a wide and interesting range of trips for our pupils which extend their classroom learning, provide ‘one-off’ valuable experiences and are enjoyable in their own right. We are able to do this because of the thorough planning and preparation undertaken by our staff and the high standard of behaviour which we expect and get from our pupils.

COVID-19:  For the time being and until further notice, to meet government guidelines, we are not planning to run any educational visits. However, this may be revised in light of changing circumstances.

We are conscious of the increasing financial demands placed upon parents and of the need to plan ahead for any educational activities which require payments beyond the usual school costs such as uniforms, equipment, dinners etc. To assist parents, we aim to provide a summary of some of the trips proposed for each academic year. It is impossible to provide an exhaustive list because we are not aware of all the possible opportunities open to us such as plays, exhibitions, sporting activities which staff may view as worthwhile until that information is made available to us. Equally, it is always possible that trips may be cancelled or postponed for a variety of reasons. 

Key information
  • Parents will be notified of trips that their son or daughter is eligible for via an email or letter posted on the school website. The letter will provide all key information and, in the case of residential visits, an additional meeting will be held in school to provide more detailed information and for parents to meet with staff leading those visits.
  • All payments must be made via ParentPay. For visits to take place, it is essential that all payments are made in full by the specified deadline(s). For some costlier trips e.g. overseas visits, payment made be made in instalments with deadlines specified by the school for each instalment.
  • It is vital that parents consider the affordability of a trip prior to confirming that they give permission for their child to take part and full payment with no refunds will still be expected in the event of a child choosing to opt out of a trip at any stage. All our trips are self-financing and are dependent on all participants paying their share of the total cost in full. The school has to pay third party providers e.g hotels, coach companies, theatres etc. for the number of places they have requested when parents have confirmed that they wish for their child to participate. In the event of serious illness, injury or bereavement affecting a pupil’s ability to participate in a trip, the issue of refunds will be considered carefully and sensitively on an individual basis.