Website Instructions

Slide image size


Width: 1920px

Height: 920px

Content Pages

Width: 1920px

Height: 1000px

(Or use a larger image with the same aspect ratio - if too large, this may affect page loading times)

Editing the Homepage Slideshow

1) Edit or add a new post

2) Add a title (for administrative purposes) and in the blog summary add any image (the same dimensions of any slideshow image).

3) Underneath the image, add text for the caption. For anything you want in larger text, highlight and select the 'Heading 1' option from one of the dropdown boxes in the editor. For anything you want in smaller text, add this to the line below, highlight and select 'Normal' from the same dropdown menu (this may be automatically selected).

4) Save the post.

Display / Hide Important Notice

The instructions to do this are held on /important-notice-admin