Duke of Edinburgh Award

Employers and universities look for a range of different skills in addition to academic qualifications presented by the student. The most highly valued non-academic qualification to add to a CV is the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

At all levels, the Award consists of four sections, physical,skill, volunteering and the expedition; and is a rewarding and life-changing experience.

 Saint Bede’s has a number of trained staff and a number of able and willing  volunteers who support the students in the Award.  We offer the Bronze Award to students in Year 10 and the Silver Award to students in Year 11.  Students who have completed the sections of the Bronze Award and wish to continue onto the Silver can do so whilst still in Year 10 to minimise disruption to their studies.   

The previous two years have seen nearly 140 students participate in the Bronze Award. In July 2015 a group of 7 Year 11 students became the first to complete their Silver Expedition whilst at Saint Bede’s and spent the first week of their summer holidays on ‘Hadrian's Wall’.  Never has a group of students been so happy to get on the school minibus for the long journey home from Newcastle!  

The current academic year sees nearly 80 students signed up for the Bronze Award and a further 30 students signed up to participate in this year’s Silver Award. 

For further information about the benefits of taking part in The Duke of Edinbugh Award, please contact Mr Jackson at school or follow the link to the to The Duke of Edinburgh Award website