Saint Bede's Catholic High School

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4th September 15
Welcome Back - September 2015
A very warm welcome back to the start of the new school year to all members of our school community.  We all hope that this will prove to be a very happy and successful year for all our pupils.  The school reopens at 8.55am on Thursday 3rd September 2015. 
As you are aware, at the time of writing (02/09/15) the directive from United Utilities advising premises in our postcode are not to drink tap water has not been lifted.  Until further notice, we are ensuring that all of our pupils have access to adequate supplies of bottled water.  After the restriction has been lifted, it will take a number of days to replace filters in the schools' water system to ensure that supplies meet the required standard.  We will, of course, advise you when the situation has returned to normal. 
We are delighted that so many pupils are bringing their own devices into school to enhance their learning.  Please be aware that we intend to start using them in school from Monday 7th September 2015 and to wait until that date before bring the devices into school.