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1st June 16
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 Headteacher: Mr P. Grice

Mr P Grice

Welcome to the official web-site of Saint Bede’s Catholic High School, Lytham. We hope that you will find a great deal of useful information here, which will in turn give you a ‘flavour’ of our school.
We are particularly keen that the pages relating to the departments and the extra –curricular activities available in school will provide present and future pupils with an accurate picture of everyday life here at Saint Bede’s. Other pages will provide you with vital information. Holiday lists, our most recent OFSTED report from 2007 and our annual school prospectus are just three examples of documents for which we regularly receive requests.
If you have any comments regarding this web-site or you would like us to add some information to it, please let us know by contacting us in writing or by emailing us at

During the recent OFSTED Inspection of Saint Bede’s the inspectors endorsed the view shared by parents and pupils that it is 'a very special place with a committed and dedicated staff'. The inspection, held on 13th November 2007, covered all aspects of the school's work and concluded that it is 'a good school with several outstanding features'. In their judgements of twenty six key aspects of the school's work, seven gained the elusive 'outstanding' with the remaining nineteen judged as 'good'.

The school’s strong Catholic ethos is reflected in its ‘focus on care for each other’, the ‘real sense of belonging’ felt by the pupils and the sense that they ‘felt part of a large family’. The students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development was deemed ‘excellent’ with Mass and assemblies providing greatly valued opportunities for worship and reflection. The role played by many students in the community is highlighted and their strong involvement in charity and fundraising activities was also celebrated in the report. As well as being a caring community, St. Bede’s meets the needs of individual pupils very successfully – ‘care and support are central to what the school does well’.
This culture in which everyone is valued is also underpinned with behaviour deemed to be ‘outstanding’. The recently adopted Behaviour for Learning policy has had ‘positive and immediate’ impact on improving behaviour that had already been judged as good through maintaining high expectations for behaviour and appearance. The ‘calm and secure environment for learning’ is appreciated by the students who are ‘unanimous in their praise’ for the new policy. Interestingly, even students who have misbehaved in the past are happy to conform with one remarking proudly, ’I was always in trouble and had even been excluded but I now know where I stand and I’m actually working and getting better grades. I now know I can succeed.’
The inspectors judged teaching and learning to be good in meeting the full range of learners’ needs and enabling the majority of students to ‘make good progress and achieve well’. They also recognised that the school’s business and enterprise specialist status has been successful in inspiring budding entrepreneurs as well as ‘developing good workplace skills among the students’. The pupils are understandably proud of the school’s state-of-the-art Business and Enterprise Centre which opened in September.
Pupils’ involvement in the wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities was also recognised for its positive impact in developing their self-confidence, boosting their self-esteem and preparing them for the next stages in their education or entry to the workplace.
As Headteacher, I was delighted that the report highlights the major strengths of the school and the high level of commitment and dedication shown by our outstanding team of teaching and support staff. I was particularly pleased with the many strongly positive comments made about the pupils. Ofsted Inspectors aren’t easily impressed and the comment by one inspector that he was ‘bowled over’ by our students is a great tribute to their exemplary attitude and behaviour. Although St. Bede’s is clearly a very successful school, it is far from being complacent and the inspectors drew attention to the ‘strong evidence that the school has excellent capacity for further improvement.’ The final sentence of main section of the report comments that ‘parents, students and teachers have much to be proud of’. I couldn’t agree more.




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