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Beyond meeting national requirements, our curriculum provides equality of opportunity to meet the individual needs of all our learners and use their God-given gifts to achieve excellence and make significant progress in their learning.

 It aims to challenge pupils to achieve academic success but to also develop them in ways that go far beyond the academic. There are numerous opportunities for spiritual growth, personal and moral development, learning to live safely, developing cultural awareness and promoting personal challenge.

We aspire to our pupils leaving our school moving onto the next stage of their education having been equipped with the values, knowledge and skills to have happy, fulfilled lives and make a strong contribution to the world they will live in. They will have developed into literate, numerate, and confident speakers who will be solvers of problems by negotiation; who will be true to their faith; be caring of others and for their environment; be creative and appreciative of the arts; be ambitious, motivated and believe in their abilities; be people who are mindful and respectful of the nine protected characteristics; be people who understand the impact of previous generations both locally and on our world and can use their skills, knowledge and values to create a better world for all by positively contributing to society.