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Learning Support

The Learning Support Department endeavours to promote an inclusive environment where each pupil can grow and achieve. Students may need extra support due to a variety of reasons and here at Saint Bede's we aim to help remove any barriers to a student's learning by using a variety of interventions. 

We recognise that provision for students with SEND is the responsibility of the whole school, and we are ambitious for young people with SEND, whatever their needs and whatever their level of study at Saint Bede’s. We focus on supporting all students so that they can progress and reach positive destinations in adult life. These destinations include higher education, further training, employment, independent living, good health and participating in the community. At Saint Bede’s we are dedicated to ensuring that all students follow a coherent study programme which provides stretch and progression in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Our students will strive to attain high levels of academic achievement and personal development. All staff will unfailingly reassure students that by working together there are no barriers that they cannot overcome to achieve their full potential. Students will leave Saint Bede’s with the skills, confidence and drive to achieve their future aspirations and to make a lasting contribution to the communities in which they live.  

Mrs Abberley is the SENCO
She can be contacted by telephoning the school on 01253 737174.


SEND Information Report





Feeder primary schools are contacted and visited prior to transfer.  Any student who is highlighted as SEN Support or has an Educational Health and Care plan is referred to the SENCO.  The SENCO then visits the schools, the students and where possible parents.

In the spring of Year 6, the local authority will notify the school about which students are coming to us with an Educational, Health and Care plan.  Where able, the SENCO attends their Annual Review to ensure a smooth transition is made.


Students with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) will be admitted to Saint Bede’s in line with the schools admissions policy. The school is aware of the statutory requirements of the SEN and Disability Act and will endeavour to meet its requirements. We work closely with parents to ascertain whether a child has been identified as having a special educational need through induction meetings, attendance at primary reviews, through liaison with primary or previous schools and other agencies.


Saint Bede’s provides access for students with Special Educational Needs to a balanced and broadly based curriculum by:  

  • Ensuring teachers and teaching assistants are aware of an individual’s specific needs through the regularly updated SEND register; CPD; pupil passports and group/individual information.
  • Full access to mainstream lessons with differentiated teaching and where needed individual or shared support from a designated teaching assistant.
  • Personalised planning done with effective liaison between the expertise of the teaching assistant and subject teacher specialism.
  • Withdrawal of small groups or one- to- one support lessons for literacy; numeracy; speech and language and social skills.


The school ensures that students with Special Educational Needs engage in the activities of the school with those students who do not have Special Educational needs by: 

  • Appropriate differentiation by teachers.
  • Peer group support.
  • Other activities such as sports teams and clubs, music (including playing instruments and visits to musicals) and drama/dance (including theatre visits) and involvement in school productions, school trips and visits and a wide range of extra-curricular activities.


Saint Bede’s will make reasonable adjustments to enable disabled pupils with SEND to access learning, in terms of the layout of the buildings.

This will include: 

  • Lift access in the main building to allow learners to access the first floor.
  • Ramps or low door thresholds to ensure access is easy both inside and outside the building.
  • Disabled parking accommodation close to the main entrance.
  • The science and technology building, along with the Sports Hall are on one level and are fully accessible to all learners.  
  • The Drake building is spread over two floors and disabled students are taught on the lower floor as the building does not have a disabled lift
  • An audit of the auditory environment has shown good acoustics in the majority of classrooms which are carpeted and have window blinds and wall displays.
  • There is one toilet with disabled access.
  • There are adjustable height chairs available around school. 
  • In the Science and Technology classrooms there are height adjustable tables.


In the first instance, a concern may be identified by the subject teacher, Year Leader or parents/carers.  Saint Bede’s is able to use a range of nationally recognised tests that allow us to identify specific needs in handwriting, spelling, reading, comprehension and specific learning difficulties (dyslexia).

The intervention and support we offer is varied and may include:

  • Close liaison with parents of pupils with SEN
  • Teaching assistant support (in-class and in withdrawal sessions)
  • Individual pupil passport.
  • Access arrangements for GCSE examinations
  • Access to Room 4 at break and lunchtime – supervised by teaching assistants
  • Precision teaching to help bridge gaps in phonics knowledge
  • Social skills groups
  • Transition support for Year 6 pupils with Statements of Need or Education, Health and Care plans.
  • Specialist dyslexia teacher on site.