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Online Learning


Every member of our school is provided with an Office 365 account. In addition to providing an email account, Office 365 provides us with a collaborative environment where staff and pupils can create, store, and share Microsoft documents online.

The benefits of Office 365 are:

  • Cloud based services provide secure anywhere access to email, important documents, contacts and calendars on nearly any device, including PC, Mac, iPad, Windows Phone, iPhone and Android.
  • Provides and works with the programs pupils know and use regularly – Microsoft Outlook®, Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®.
  • Provides each pupils with a large 50GB mailbox.
  • 1TB free online storage using OneDrive, for each pupil.
  • Pupil access to Office Web Apps for viewing, sharing and editing of documents.
  • Includes industry-leading and most-up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spam solution built in.

How to use Office365:



Firefly is the school's chosen online platform that brings together teachers, students and parents. It allows teachers to set work, track progress, share resources and engage parents.

Firefly makes it easy for pupils to access all the resources they need to stay organised with their school work and homework, all in one place.

It allows you to:

  • Stay organised and submit work, from any device
  • Access learning resources from anywhere
  • Collaborate with teachers and peers
  • Parental access and overview via the 'Firefly Parent Portal'.

How to use Firefly:


Class Charts

Class Charts for Parents

Class Charts helps parents to keep track of their child’s behaviour, view attendance records, access their weekly timetable, track scheduled detentions. If a parent has more than one child, they can access Class Charts information about their children from a single, centralised parent account. Class Charts for parents can be accessed via the website, or through the iOS and Android apps. 

You can access the parent website at:

Class Charts for Pupils

Class Charts allows pupils to keep track of their achievements and behaviour, keep track of scheduled detentions, view your timetable, check your attendance, and create wellbeing submissions. Class Charts for pupils can be accessed via the website, there's a link on the Firefly dashboard, or by using the iOS and Android apps.

Pupils can access the student website at:

How to use Class Charts: