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Pastoral System

Pastoral Care

The wellbeing and social development of all our pupils is paramount.  All teachers and support staff take great care and pride in getting to know each pupil as an individual. We are determined to deliver a high level of pastoral care to all our students, providing an inclusive education that values everyone’s contribution to our school community.  We are committed to removing barriers to learning, working in partnership with parents and carers to provide pupils with an education based on supporting them to be happy, healthy and successful at school. We value academic success equally with personal success and the development of the whole student is at the heart of both quality of education and quality of care.

When starting at Saint Bede’s, pupils will come into contact with many new teachers, transitioning from being members of a smaller community to finding themselves as members of a much larger one.  To avoid the school becoming impersonal, each child is placed in the care of a Form Tutor.  Pupils meet their Form Tutors daily and our aim is to develop a good personal and caring relationship between pupils and staff.  In order to achieve this objective pupils will retain the same Form Tutor and Year Leader throughout their entire school journey.  We believe this supports our aim of keeping the channels of communication between pupils, teachers and parents and carers as open and straightforward as possible.

Additionally, pupils can always access the wider pastoral resources of the school, such as our Learning Mentor and Attendance Improvement Mentor. When necessary, pastoral leaders we will work together with parents and carers to provide pupils with specialist support from external agencies.