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Mrs A Abberley BSc Head of Learning Support (SENCo)
Mr A Barnett BA Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Beere Examinations Officer/Learning Support Assistant
Mr T Bell Teacher of Physical Education
Miss S Beswick BA Assistant Head of English
Mr E Binns BA Assistant Head of Mathematics
Mrs A Blackburn Science Technician
Mrs S Blackburn BA Head of English
Miss A Bolton ICT and Media Technician
Mr A Boothroyd Learning Support Mentor
Miss O Bowers Teacher of Religious Education 
Mrs S Boylan BSc Teacher of Geography
Mrs A Briggs Learning Support Manager (HLTA for SEN)
Mrs P Burdess Lay Chaplain
Mrs F Burnell Facilities Manager
Mrs V Carr Housekeeper/Cleaner
Mr J Chong Teacher of Science
Mrs S Chong Cover Supervisor
Mrs H Clarke Attendance Improvement Mentor
Miss J Clayton Teacher of Mathematics
Miss C Cochrane MA, BSc Assistant Headteacher/DSL
Mr R Coleman BA Head of Year 9
Mrs P Crumpton Higher Level Teaching Assistant  - English
Mrs S Cuthbertson Assistant Head of Religious Education
Ms L Dickinson Business and Enterprise Leader/DSL (Online Safety)
Miss R Dixon Teacher of Geography
Miss B Dufour Learning Support Assistant
Miss E Evans BSc Teacher of Science/Leadership Responsibility
Mr A Fahey Housekeeper/Cleaner
Mrs R Filmer Learning Support Assistant
Mr M Frankel BA Head of P.E/Head of Year 11
Miss R Freeman Learning Support Assistant
Mr R Gabrasadig Deputy Headteacher/DSL (Deputy)
Mrs S Garrill Attendance Officer
Dr V Godley Teacher of Science
Mrs J Goodall Assistant Bursar
Mrs M Goss Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Hardy BA Head of Geography
Mrs E Hendey Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs H Holmes BA Head of PSCHE
Mrs A Horan Teacher of Food Preparation & Nutrition
Mrs D Hoston BA MFA Teacher of Art
Mrs A Hudson Learning Support Assistant
Mr C Jack Lead Practitioner
Mr J Joyce Head of Year 8
Mrs N Kelly Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs S Kelly Headteacher's PA
Mrs P King BA Head of Drama
Mr P Langley BA Assistant Headteacher
Mrs P Langley BA Head of Year 10
Miss J Lingings Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Lingings Learning Support Assistant
Miss S Lord Learning Support Assistant
Mrs B Malley BSc Teacher of Science
Miss A McNamara Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Mathematics
Mr P Marsden MA Headteacher
Mr T Mattinson Youth Worker
Ms C McCabe Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A McGlue Business Support Officer/Receptionist
Mrs E Milnes Housekeeper/Cleaner
Miss B Murphy Teacher of English
Miss H Newsham BA Head of Religious Education and Catholic Ethos
Mrs H Pearson BSc Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S Petch Receptionist
Mr P Povey Assistant Site Supervisor
Mr C Richman BEng Assistant Head of Technology
Mrs D Riley Reprographics Technician
Miss N Rodgers BA Head of Year 7
Mr C Rogers Network Manager
Mrs E Scot Admissions Officer
Mr A Shaw BSc Head of Technology
Miss A Shaw MA Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr J Shaw Design Technology Technician
Mr M Shrewsbury BSc Assistant Headteacher
Mrs V Slee Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Small Assistant Head of Science
Mr G Smith BSc Head of Science
Mrs J Smith BEd Teacher of P.E
Mrs R Smith BA Head of History
Mrs R Solomi HLTA Literacy
Miss A Southworth Teacher of Religious Education
Mrs A Spedding QTS Cover Supervisor
Mrs S Tankard BA Head of Teacher Development
Mrs A Tasker Learning Support Assistant
Mrs D Taylor Behaviour Manager 
Mrs H Terry Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Tupling-Prest Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Vose Senior Midday Supervisor
Miss V Waddington BSc Teacher of Science
Mr G Warrington BA Head of Music
Mr G Waterhouse Site Supervisor
Mrs H Wright BA Head of Art
Mr D Youde BEng Head of Maths
Mrs S Youde BSc Teacher of Mathematics