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Travelling to School

Saint Bede's enjoys a good reputation in the local community and we are pleased to receive many compliments from people who meet our pupils in the street, in shops and on public transport. Our pupils are aware that they are representing the school when they wear our uniform and should show the same levels of courtesy, consideration and respect that we expect to see in school when they are travelling on public and school transport.

We make our expectations of courtesy and consideration to others when travelling very clear to pupils through presentations in assembly.

These are some key points for pupils travelling on public or school buses:

  • Form a quiet, orderly line – let elderly passengers or people with children and heavy loads on first.
  • Let someone who needs a seat more than you do sit down before you find a seat or stand (if on the lower deck of a public bus).
  • If you have to stand, move down towards the rear of the lower deck.
  • Find a seat and stay in that seat for the whole journey.
  • If there is a seatbelt fitted, you must use it. Do not get up until the bus has stopped at school or your stop. On a school bus, you must be seated.
  • Talk quietly and politely on your journey and do not drop litter.
  • If you want to listen to music, wear headphones. Do not use an external speaker.
  • Co-operate with the Bus Prefects and follow their instructions
  • When the bus stops at school or your bus stop, get off when it has stopped without pushing or rushing.
  • Remember to thank the driver as you get off.
  • If you have travelled on a public bus and have had a problem with another passenger or have been made to feel uncomfortable in any way, report your concerns to the bus driver and then to a member of staff at school.

Bus timetables and other information:

Travel to and from Saint Bede's – as at June 2023 (information will be updated as it becomes available)

Blackpool & St Anne’s Blackpool Transport Route No 17

From Mythop Road/Saltcotes Road, Lytham to Cleveleys via Clifton Drive, Squires Gate Lane and St Anne’s Road

Current price £11.00 per week, £42.00 per month advance purchase and on mobile app

Further information:

Warton & Freckleton Stagecoach Route No 68

From Lytham Square to Preston via Warton (by Church Road) and Freckleton (war Memorial)

Current price – Fylde Coast Megarider - £8.00 per week

Further information:

Kirkham & Wesham Preston Bus No 78

From Lytham Square to Wesham Fire Station via Warton (Clifton Arms), Freckleton War Memorial and Kirkham Market Square

Current price - £11.00 per week

Further information:

School Bus Services

There are three bus routes currently serving Saint Bede's:

  • 598 - Clifton Village to Saint Bede's via Newton village, Kirkham (Market Square), Kirkham War Memorial and Warton (Pickwick Tavern)
  • 649 - Kirkham (Market Square) to Saint Bede's via Wesham (St. Joseph's), Wrea Green and Moss Side
  • 916 - St. Anne's (Queen's Manor) to Saint Bede's via St. Anne's (Spring Gardens) and Lytham Square.

The timetables for the Autumn Term 2023 should be published by Lancashire County Council at the end of the Summer Term. There should be little or no change to the previous timetables, but please check the timetables close to the start of the Autumn Term just in case there have been any revisions.

Children travelling to and from Blackpool may choose to use Blackpool Transport routes 7 and 11.

Children travelling to Freckleton may choose to use Stagecoach route 68.

To check timetables on the Lancashire County Council website:

To search the pdf document on a pc, “Ctrl “+ “F” and search for 4627 for Saint Bede’s school.

The full link to the timetables:

Please contact Mr Langley if you would like any further information or guidance.